Save the Leafs!

I can't believe I'm writing this, but it's time the Leafs turned things around a little bit! After last night's pathetic and embarrassing showing against the Islanders, the Leafs are officially the worst team in the East, and have sunk perilously close to last overall, currently just four points up on Los Angeles. It stopped being enjoyable weeks ago, and has indeed turned a bit stressful, as it's beginning to appear as though the Leafs have a very good shot at landing the first overall pick in an excellent draft this year.

What we want is for the Leafs to finish, like, 10th in the East, just far enough out to suck for Leafs' fans, but not so far out that they land future superstar Steve Stamkos. If they get him or anyone like him, we'll never hear the end of it.

The Leafs are only five points back of 10th place Washington, so with a little hard work and discipline and a positive attitude, the Leafs should easily be able to pull themselves from ruin this season; if they catch a few breaks, they could even be able to rise to near-mediocrity! Then they'd get a mid-level, crap-shoot type pick, and be able to perpetuate the state of nothingness they've been perfecting for the past forty years. And so I say, without irony and for the first time in my life ... Go Leafs Go!

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