Monday, February 25th


Pat Hickey says the Habs are definitely on the hunt for Marian Hossa, and are probably shopping Michael Ryder, who certainly sounds as though he won't be surprised to get moved. The stumbling block in acquiring Hossa is said to be the high asking-price, which apparently stands at an established young player, a prospect, and a pick. Translation? Higgins/Kostitsyn, Grabovski/Halak, and this year's first-rounder. Is that too much for Hossa? Not at all. Is it too much for a rental of Hossa? You bet your sweet ass it is. Don't do it, Bob!

As for the Ryder mess, I can say that I definitely know two things about it: one, the Habs will trade Ryder if they can, and two, they'll lose that trade, big-time. Ryder is a future 40 and 50 goal scorer. He's had the kind of freaky-bad year that defies reason, but it's not indicative of his true ability, because anyone who's watched him knows the guy is a pure goal scorer. The Habs are considering trading Higgins and his 20 goals, plus a prospect and a pick for a 40 goal scorer, while at the same time considering trading Ryder? Looks to me like they come out short 10 goals on that deal.

Full disclosure? I am not a Hossa fan. He's never had to be the go-to guy, which the Habs would want him to be, and he's never done it in the playoffs, which is when they want him to do it.

Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Marian Hossa over the CH, a little foreshadowing, perhaps?

Leafs Rising

Leafs 5, Senators 0 ... welcome to Bizarro World. Take away October, and the Senators are struggling for a playoff spot. There's plenty of time for them to turn it around, but right now that trade isn't looking too good, is it? I guess the team is pretty happy that Sundin is sticking around. I know I am: Sundin + late-season spoiler's-luck = a late-season surge and a mediocre draft pick. Go Leafs Go! All the way to ninth place, please.


TSN is reporting that the Habs new practice rink - under construction - suddenly collapsed this afternoon. Perhaps it was designed by the Habs goaltending coach?

The Peter Forsberg saga is at an end: he signed today with the Avalanche, leaving other would-be contenders disappointed ... and doubtless a little confused. The Avs also activated Joe Sakic off the IR, and all of a sudden, without making a trade, look very much like a playoff force.

And Alex Tanguay won't be coming to Montreal, which will make you happy or sad, depending upon your opinion of Tanguay. I was never all that interested, just becausehe doesn't seem like the right player for the Habs right now - another slick winger - but others feel differently. Reporters have speculated on that supposed "deal" for months, but there may never have been anything to it. Rumour-meister Spector, of Fox Sports, has said all along that Tanguay would have refused a trade to Montreal anyway, being unwilling to subject himself to the madness of the Montreal media. If that's accurate - and I trust Lyle - then would Montreal really want a wussy player like that anyway?

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