The Ryders

Jamie Fitzpatrick discusses Michael Ryder's disappointing season, and also comments on the puzzling departure of Michael's brother, Daniel, from the Calgary Flames AHL farm team.

As everyone knows, Ryder's slump comes at an inopportune time both for the team - the Habs are dying for goals - and for himself, it being his UFA year. Long considered a one-dimensional player, the Habs (and their fussy fans) put up with Ryder's perceived shortcomings in the years when he was scoring thirty goals. Ironically, this season Ryder has played a much more complete game, showing commendable hustle and drive ... but the goals have dried up, and now the fans are really on his back. As they say in Newfoundland, the poor guy can't win for losin'.

As for Daniel Ryder, nobody really knows why he has seemingly turned his back on a promising pro career (the buzz was always that he'd turn out to be the better of the two brothers) only six games into the season. There has been no shortage of rumours, but Fitzpatrick doesn't go into them. Maybe the guy just doesn't want to play pro hockey, who knows. It's his business, anyway. That said, the original article on Ryder the Younger's desertion is here at The Western Star.

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