News for Monday, December, 10th

Coach Carbo put the boys through a workout on what was to have been a day off yesterday, Pat Hickey writes. The session included a team meeting, a look at some video (I saw that movie already, and wouldn't recommend it!), and work on "fundamentals" (presumably relating to Carbo's "hybrid" trap system). The National Post is unkind enough to headline this one under "Stumbling Habs Have No Time to Recover".

Footage of the Komisarek/Walker scrap from Saturday's game. Wow, even that was disappointing. Komisarek only drops the gloves when truly incensed, and for the seventeen penalty minutes he racked up (a highly dubious instigator call among them) it would have been nice to him pound Walker, who surely had it coming after a dirty hit from behind. The beating sadly never happened.

Ajay Baines has been named the 9th captain of the Hamilton Bulldogs by Don Lever.

Nothing new on the trade rumour front. Spector notes new names on the waiver wire: Bates Battaglia of the Leafs and Mathieu Roy of the Oilers. Doubt either would help the Habs, but a Quebecois player on waivers stand a better than average chance of being claimed by Montreal.

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