News for Tuesday, January 22nd

Most of today's news concerns the regime-change underway in Toronto, as the Leafs replace the much maligned JFJ with ... Cliff Fletcher? It's always 'back to the future' with the Leafs, isn't it? I'm expecting Fletcher's first move will be to attempt to fire head coach Pat Burns. When that doesn't work, he'll get to work trying to trade Mats Sundin, most likely for Wendel Clark. Joking aside - and it's not easy - it would look good on most Habs' fans to take the quiet, sympathetic approach here, perhaps remembering how classy and helpful all those Leaf fans were to us during the years that Rejean Houle laboriously set-to the task of dismantling our own team. What's that? They all acted like taunting assholes back then? Oh, that's right ... well, f**k them, then.

Yahoo Sports has the Habs at 8th in the power-rankings, exactly where they've been for three straight weeks. The rankings are interesting, but it would be most accurate to say that the Habs currently should rank about third, tied with 24 other teams, behind Ottawa and Detroit and ahead of Toronto, Washington, and Tampa.

Not tired of the Alex Tanguay rumours yet? Me neither. The Calgary Herald reports that at practice this morning, Darryl Sutter was seen having a long chat with Tanguay's agent, Bob Sauve. The article quotes the increasingly testy Tanguay responding to being asked yet again about a possible trade: "That's a stupid question. I'm not answering that." See also Spector for the latest on possible trades around the NHL.

The Habs take on the Bruins tonight, attempting to maintain their strange dominance over their original six rival. The Habs have not lost to the Bruins in approximately fifty years. The Boston Herald reports that in an attempt to change their karma against the Habs, the B's will go with back-up goalie Alex Auld instead of number-one Tim Thomas. It might work, who knows? You can't lose 'em all.

Heads up: Alex Kovalev says he can be even better than he has been in this Gazette article. And coach Carbo is reuniting the former top line of Higgins, Koivu, and Ryder, in an attempt to snap the slump all three find themselves in. I approve; I just hope that he keeps them together longer than a shift or two. It's not such good news for Sergei Kostitsyn, who now finds himself on a rather ugly line with Steve Begin and Brian Smolinski. What is that all about?

And Mathieu Dandeneault is hopping mad about being the scratch against the Bruins tonight. How mad? Craig Rivet-last-January mad. Is he demanding a trade? Nooooo, no, not at all ... today. He'll "reevaluate" later. Wow, somebody thinks pretty highly of himself!

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